ok 100 2013 10 2943 not answered 0 10 KDE lovebaby 2014-07-28T11:53:36+02:00 Three Programs of Return Pipe System Install in Rotary Kiln Blast furnace oil return (explorer back to the oil). The way back to the oil furnace can guarantee more than one operating condition of each furnace oil pressure stability. However, when there are many burner heating furnace, adjust a burner, the other burner will be affected.that belong to such programs. After the pump back to the oil supply duct of the pump can only be guaranteed when the pressure is stable, if the mains supply is more than one stove oil, furnace oil consumption when one changes, the other furnace will be affected.From the above three scenarios, we can arrange return oil pipes to avoid anxiety fuel consumption fluctuations. Use multi-warehouse-type silos: bulk gangue random group and into warehousing,making gangue showing vertical stack.During homogenizing,several silos feed equivalent uniformity continous at the same time,and on the operating belt conveyor bundling and carry away. This bundling mixing materials can be sent to second homogenization silo,repeat the process, once again mixing and homogenizing for storage and usage. Rotary kiln double knot ring has many,in which double ring is most difficult to deal with. Because cement kiln coating is thick,ring forming is away,ring and kiln coating connect. From front to back,gradually increasing, strong exception,burning hot can't reach.For many difficult processing back ring can use other method to process.When first burning then flash,alternating hot and cold treatment,you need to pay attention to several aspects:Once the negative pressure suddenly drops,should stoplime kiln and observe,early preparations,adapt to drop ring,to prevent discharging waste; Rotary kiln use the gangue to produce cement,and also can make kaolin emissions. Gangue usage is wide, let's introduce several methods of preheating rotary kiln. Using gangue to preheating rotary kiln has several mrthods:Grinding head install mixed machine: grinding materials go through the mixing device, and several staggered shifts,change the flow direction,several branch to achieve the purpose of mixing. Screening method: gangue sieving, removing impurities,on the minus sieve small particles homogenize,then tile and stockpiling for usage. rotary calciner kiln: http://www.hx-jawcrusher.com/nn/n69.html 0 http://openDesktop.org/content/show.php?action=knowledgebase&content=0&kbid=2943 2942 not answered 0 10 KDE lovebaby 2014-07-28T11:53:24+02:00 The Mining Measures of Placer Mine in Ore Beneficiation Weathering and talus deposits accumulate brown iron ore, clay more commonly used method of gravity separation, that is, after washing with a jig and a centrifugal concentrator machine sorting, you can use the gravity separation - intensity magnetic separation processes.multi-metal-containing weakly magnetic iron ore, mainly hydrothermal and sedimentary phosphorus or vulcanized Wo of hematite iron ore or turbot. Such ores typically use the gravity separation, flotation, strong magnetic separation or joint process to recycle iron minerals, phosphorus or sulfur recovery use flotation process. Hydrothermal apatite-containing hematite iron ore and copper sulfide flotation methods can be used. Collected sand processing equipment need to go through screening, in the gold mining ship, stone crusher and screening operations together when done inside the cylindrical sieve. Cylinder Screen built with intermittent spiral angle. Operation, the cylindrical sieve pressure washing should not be less than 35 kPa, fixed processing plant on land, set for crushing and washing deposit screening. Then is off the mud, mud off the production equipment used for a variety of sizes from mud bucket, while allowing the material chute with gold grain width, and processing capacity, and thus not before sorting chute off the mud. Coarse grain and highly coarse grain( 20mm) iron ore gravity separation commonly use dense medium or jigging beneficiation; center to fine grain ore use spiral concentrator,shaker,sector chute and centrifugal separator of gravity separation.Coarse and fine iron ore strong magnetic separator commonly use dry reaction roller strong magnetic separation; fine iron ore commonly use reaction medium strong magnetic separation. At present,as fine iron ore strong magnetic separation concentrate grade is not high,gravity unit processing capacity is low, so compose strong magnetic-gravity separation unite process,use strong magnetic separation to abandon a large number of qualified tailings,then gravity separation process strong magnetic concentrate, to improve grade. spiral chute separator: http://www.hx-jawcrusher.com/nn/n191.html 0 http://openDesktop.org/content/show.php?action=knowledgebase&content=0&kbid=2942 2941 not answered 0 10 KDE lovebaby 2014-07-28T11:53:19+02:00 How to Protect The Drum Skin of Magnetic Separator? Magnetic separator maintenance and repair work carried out on a regular basis, we have to manage irregular, so that potential problems can be uncovered, and then in maximum extent solve problem, so that we can to the greatest extent reduce equipment failure caused economic losses. Major equipment ultrafine grinding mill, ultrafine mill during the grinding process has stable performance, it has a uniform size, Hongxing Heavy supply ultra-fine mill is preferred in the beneficiation process.The final stage process;Usually T130X superfine mill, fine grinding stage of the process, it can process needed size ore into the mineral processing machinery materials,T130X superfine grinding process plant is a very important stage of beneficiation process. The magnetic system fixed. Adopt glass tape shelling-out epoxy resin,irony packing string, stainless steel plate on the parcel whole magnetic system test, according to the test results, using a 0.5 thick stainless steel plate wrapped 1Cr18Ni9Ti magnetic system. Connectors at both ends with a thin stainless steel plate and bolt clamp to be fixed, and finally bolted, adjustable tensioner degrees. This will not only impact on a small surface magnetic field magnetic system, but also have a strong enough magnetic system wrapped up tight force, the effect is significant. After using this method never happened magnetic block shedding, completely solve the problem of a fixed magnetic system. Currently, there are several crushing equipment in beneficiation industry applications, according to the working principle and structure characteristics, we divided crushing equipment: jaw crusher, cone crusher, roll crusher, impact crusher and grinder.Secondly, the grinding process stages:Including hammer mill, ball mill, equipments used in vertical milling grinding stage, they can grind relatively large particle. Mill has advantages, to meet the different needs of customers. Magnetic separator devices work, and always will be a collision between materials, so the magnetic drum of magnetic separator is prone to wear and tear. If wear is worst, the magnetic drum of magnetic separator will appear frayed phenomenon, but once worn slurry enters the magnetic drum, which would adsorbed on the surface of the magnetic system. grinding rod mill: http://www.sell-ballmill.com/pro/rod-grinder.html 0 http://openDesktop.org/content/show.php?action=knowledgebase&content=0&kbid=2941 2940 not answered 0 10 KDE lovebaby 2014-07-28T11:52:47+02:00 The Development Trend and The Status Quo of Ball Mill Our ball mill drive system was introduced, while focusing on the list of some of the features and advantages of the center drive is now widely used. Indeed, through constant updates, ball mill drive system is getting better and better, more and more progress, but we need to see the lack of central transmission, for example, in the face of large-scale ball mill production center drive will be because of the work of torque and The resistance torque too large cause a larger load of ball mill equipment, so that we also need to constantly improve, I believe that through our efforts to study transmission mode will constantly update the course of the development will have a unique charm. Has been a widely used in China's industrial grinding equipment lime mill, lime mill has the advantages of simple structure, uniform particle size and good quality of products, From the advent of more than a hundred years of history, has been in the actual production still plays an important role.Is a relatively small problem, but many factories do not know how to solve this problem, to be burned on a lime mill brush the ignition and brush braided. In fact, the driving force of the ball mill drive system has experienced a long period of development, the main way is also carried out by constant evolution and update after the open twice deceleration gear around the way from the original power development to retain the original The power transmission system while the increase in the exit cone segments to increase the stability of the ball mill transmission but also to improve the energy-saving effect of the ball mill, the final adoption of the technology continues to update and application development is now widely Center Drive. Center Drive transmission is not only higher technology content, but also able to achieve a lot of functionality, better able to maintain and improve the ball mill performance, can better protect the ball mill production. Hongxing Brand is the China Famous Brand, and Hongxing believes that reliable and stable quality is the key to success. Our products like powder grinding production line, high strength mill are well known at home and abroad. Welcome to visit for cooperation, thank you! grinding mill: http://www.crusher-made.com/pp/cpraymond_grinder.html 0 http://openDesktop.org/content/show.php?action=knowledgebase&content=0&kbid=2940 2939 not answered 0 10 KDE lovebaby 2014-07-28T11:52:17+02:00 Effect of The Thickness of The Material Layer to Rotary Kiln Usually kiln material filling coefficient 6%-15%. When the kiln material flow stability, moving speed zone, small filling coefficient. In actual production, in order to stabilize the kiln thermal system, must stabilize kiln speed, if by calcining kiln speed and reduce adverse, must be correspondingly reduced feeding rate, to ensure that the rotary kiln material filling coefficient constant. Calcining zone. Calcined with the central region, about 1/2 of the total length of its length about the kiln in the kiln. Calcining zone is a key area, bored by the high temperature calcined material in this region is heated to 1200-1350 degrees. From the calcined with the end of a section of the kiln hood called the cooling zone. Material in cooling machine with cooling, the temperature gradually decreased to 800-900 degrees, and then drop into the cooling kiln. Cooling with a short 30m long kiln, cooling with only about 5m. Kiln material thickness is different, the material to be brought up to the height of. Material thickness, is brought up to the height of the great revolution, in a rotary kiln, material to be brought up to the number, namely turning less, heating uniformity is poor; but the material layer thin kiln yield is low, it must choose a suitable material thickness. The fuel sprayed into the rotary kiln head and the material in high temperature combustion of the volatile components in the kiln. Of kiln temperature distribution, roughly divided into three temperature zones.Preheating zone. Preheating zone is the beginning of a period of kiln inlet. Kiln inlet above the feeding tube into the material in this interval by the head combustion gases flow over the preheat and dry. Kiln end containment of 800-900 degrees. That the lime in the lime kiln, lime ground lime, forming a natural ratio there is no need to add a variety of lime, so that plus a big lime on the line. Does not know that lime size is too large will cause unnecessary energy consumption, but also affect the productivity of the grinding. This do a good job in the mill balanced to complement the lime is very important. coal powder kiln: http://www.sinojawcrusher.com/companynews/186.html 0 http://openDesktop.org/content/show.php?action=knowledgebase&content=0&kbid=2939 2938 not answered 0 70 Network fangdong 2014-07-28T09:41:10+02:00 Structure and Features of Advanced Feeding Machines The material feeding system for wet, iron ore crushing plant sticky or abrasive materials is easy to fit and ready to run in all conditions and diverse applications to provide high capacity and high efficiency conveying process. It works as one of the most important section in the whole mining production line including crushing, grinding, ore beneficiation and so on. Our feeder or feeding machine has maximum feed size capacities up to 150mm designed to suit our complete range of crushing, screening and washing equipment. It is mounted on a heavy duty skid frame supplied complete and ready to run ensuring rapid installation. Heavy grizzly bars scalp fines from the feed and heavy duty coil springs absorb tremendous impact loads and isolate vibration from the support structure for high performance feeding. The feed hopper features an electric drive through a variable speed reduction gearbox, wet grinding ball mill rubber lagged drive drum, continuous tensioning chain sprocket drive, feed restricting adjustable weighted doors and pivoting motor base. It also includes a heavy duty reject grid set with 100mm grid rod spacing. It is tried and tested and built to withstand the toughest jobs in all types of applications. Our feeder is also a heavy duty, fit for purpose, vibrating hopper for quarry and recycling operations. It is ideal for removing fines or oversize rock and ore from feed material before further processing. It is well-suited for standalone operation in scalping and screening of coal, aggregate, sand, diamond mining machines construction and demolition waste, mine ore, blasted rock and river gravel. For more information about our feeding machines, please visit the homepage of official website. iron ore crushing plant: http://www.coppercrushing.com/solutions/iron-ore-crushing-plant.html wet grinding ball mill: http://www.coppercrushing.com/projects/wet-grinding-ball-mill.html diamond mining machines: http://www.coppercrushing.com/solutions/diamond-mining-machines.html 0 http://openDesktop.org/content/show.php?action=knowledgebase&content=0&kbid=2938 2937 not answered 164956 0 Application jediknight14 2014-07-28T01:14:12+02:00 Not working with OC7 Did it work under OC7 for anyone? Just opens empty page in browser.. Browser URL shows {owncloud}/index.php/apps/usage_charts/charts.php 0 http://openDesktop.org/content/show.php?action=knowledgebase&content=164956&kbid=2937 2936 not answered 0 1000 other marckpower 2014-07-26T18:59:21+02:00 Create a screenlets How to create a screenlets whit python 0 http://openDesktop.org/content/show.php?action=knowledgebase&content=0&kbid=2936 2935 not answered 0 150 ownCloud Dimetrius 2014-07-26T09:43:26+02:00 OPDS catalog Hello, any chances to see OPDS catalog in a pipeline? would be nice to point owncloud server to the ebooks collection, and than access it over OPDS on a reader. Specs: http://opds-spec.org/specs/opds-catalog-1-1-20110627/ perhaps this link could be helpful https://github.com/mitshel/sopds 0 http://openDesktop.org/content/show.php?action=knowledgebase&content=0&kbid=2935 2934 not answered 0 10 KDE fangdong 2014-07-25T12:14:00+02:00 Applications of the Latest Mobile Jaw Crushers Jaw crushers are ideal machines for secondary and tertiary application in quarrying, mining, Concrete Floor Grinders For Sale recycling, infrastructure and construction. Our company’s mobile tracked and semi-mobile jaw crushers are designed to crush millions of tons of rubble annually including: coal, aggregate, sand, construction and demolition, waste, mine ore, blasted rock and river gravel. Our mobile jaw crusher is a heavy duty, track mounted, gypsum powder production line jaw crusher that is ideal for operators demanding high production rates and excellent reduction ratios for smaller compact operations. It is perfect for contractor, recycling and quarry applications. It features the powerful single toggle jaw crusher. The extended main conveyor can be raised or lowered, making it the ideal solutions for rebar clearance in recycling applications. The other kind of mobile jaw crusher is powered by a 200kW engine and features the powerful single toggle jaw crusher. It utilizes the latest technology, including finite element techniques to minimize stress levels within the frame itself. The machine is equipped with a magnet, natural fines conveyor and remote control as standard. The semi-mobile jaw crusher is fitted with jaw level sensor, speed wheel on the main conveyor and engine load control system, which allows the machine to monitor and regulate its own feed, resulting in a continuous and uninterrupted crushing process and ultimately higher productivity. All our company’s mobile jaw crushers are heavy duty, stone grinding machine track mounted, jaw crushers that are suitable for operators demanding high performance matched with reliability and ease of operation. They are the machines of choice whether it is recycling, quarrying or aggregate production. concrete floor grinders for sale: http://www.sbmmilling.com/project/concrete-floor-grinders-for-sale.html gypsum powder production line: http://www.sbmmilling.com/application/construction/gypsum-powder-production-line.html stone grinding machine: http://www.zenithgrinding.com/solution/stone-grinding-machine.html 0 http://openDesktop.org/content/show.php?action=knowledgebase&content=0&kbid=2934